Warning: Amphigorical Content!

grubby grists of euphuistic prolixity


Not necessarily correct or agreeable to everyone, the following words mean exactly what I chose them to mean, neither more nor less (to paraphrase a certain Mr H. Dumpty):

Acrimonium: A play on acrimonious
Biplicity: Twice folded (yielding three parts)
Blōdisōian: To consecrate with blood (earlier version of old english: blētsian, blēdsian: to bless, blōd: blood)
Clepsydra: Water Clock: Greek κλέπτειν kleptein: to steal + ὕδωρ hudor: water
Cornflower: Also known as Hurtsickle 
Cūslyppe: Cowslip (from old english cu: cow + slyppe: slop, slobber, dung. flowers seen to grow from/around cow dung)
Dead soldier: Reference to emptied or finished object, e.g. beer glass
Dimmet: Also "dimpsy": old west country word for dusk or twilight
Doxian: Old English: to turn dark
Dreich: Dreary (scottish dialect)
Dretch: From Drecche: to vex, torment, trouble (obsolete)
Flēot: Tidal creek, river or estuary (from old english: flēotan: to float)
Geola: Old English: Yule time covering December and January
Hiation: Act of gaping (obsolete)
Imago: Copy, likeness (latin)
Inēluctābilis: Inescapable (latin: in: negative, ēluctā: force a way out)
Keening: A lament. (Keening cry is therefore a tautology)
Limned: (Improper use of) illuminated (from middle english: luminen: to illuminate a manuscript)
Lilith: Sumerian maid of desolation
Lorelei: 19th century siren from the Rhine Valley
Perfidion: A play on perfidious
Pratal: Growing in meadows (from latin: pratum: meadow)
Scoriae: A type of rough ash-like lava (from greek: skōría, deriv: skôr: dung)
Seldcūth: Unusual, marvellous (from middle english: seldan: seldom, cuth: known)
Sophrosyne: Moderation, prudence (from greek: sṓphrōn prudent)
Swami: Pundit (from hindi: svāmī, from Sanskrit svāmin master)
Tattler: A type of timekeeper
Thiccet: Old English: thicce - thick + -et suffix- Thicket (of trees)
Trēowth: Truth (old english, probably from old norse: tryggth) from which troth is derived (and hinted at here)
Yestreen: Yesterday evening (scottish from yest(e)r+e(v)en)
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