Warning: Amphigorical Content!

grubby grists of euphuistic prolixity

Saturday, 14 January 2012

tempus fugit

like grains of sand
or crumbled shale
a sea of faces
brave and hale
some future aeon's
crushed beneath
time's grinning veil
those who spent
a worthless life
wind-whipped and bent
their cradles sold
for coffin wood
poor substitute
for board and rent
scarce seconds left
for making good
await your happy
ends in vain
unplanned unborn
they never stood
the signs ignored
with faint disdain
the prematurely
ending reign
of those so negligent of scale
soon judged by history insane

Friday, 2 December 2011

sola fide

water-worn and faceless, shingled kinsmen bank on me
to hold at bay the heartless, roaring, raking, moon-drugged sea
unbated, heaven's coronach defeats my homily
my bretheren, soon abandoned, grind and grate in purgatory

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Late Leaves

wooded hills with hooded eyes
glance furtively at livid skies
while east wind's cold and bony fingers
pluck at autumn's frail disguise

as lustre drains from emerald crowns
the stars seek out the darkened downs
they tiptoe through the brooding barrows
warm their hands on sleepy towns

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Summer Well

the faltering air
warm syrup
over uncountable green fingers
poking through the moss
above the soft dark loam
busy with ants

slow-dancing worms
feasting in the labyrinths of the blind
amid the pale tubers
inching though the soil
unlit sunseekers
following their hearts
below the stones
like bubbles in the cool still earth

three fathoms down
lies the water
clear turned starless black
mirroring the unseen
biding her time
eyeing the sky

above her breathing hole
a mouth of aging lime and clay
heard whispering in corridors
and abandoned places

cold-skinned and malignant
she lies quietly
like a nightmare under the bed
listening to me breathe
willing me
daring me
to put down a single naked foot

can no one save me?

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Unsung Shales

Slick obsidian panes incite the impish gurgling water
(hurled a thunder-laden mile or more by heaven's fit of pique)
to mirror some last dazzling drops of blood from Hera's dying daughter
spilled at skypool's rim through butchered clouds where shards of fire still leak

Corvid-skinned, the shadowed gables find vertiginous retreat
(or is the gloss-winged ravens' short-lived fluttering a trick of light?)
before they sleep with one eye open stretch their tails and find their feet
ready to defend against the blindly stumbling night

Below, the dripping gutter's brow on spindling trunks so far from earth
clings fast with tooth and nail to sleeping walls whose dusky bricks re-dream
those heady days when long-dead kilns had spawned their calm and ordered birth
unprepared for greatness in Victoria's mighty age of steam

Friday, 23 September 2011

faren wel

your eyes now old, still clear and bright
the body, toils of war made slight
this hand I hold, tho' frail, yet warm and light


exchange no words of consequence
against your gaze I've no defence
our common loss becomes uncommon sense


the years between hold us in thrall
we miss the night's last footsteps fall
my friend, oh were you ever really here... at all?


alone I watch the dawn ignite

Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I sought my god above the clouds
I shouted out
and bent my knee
I pushed my way through milling crowds
But he didn't look at me

I sought my god below the waves
I cast my net
I bought his stickers: "Jesus Saves"
But he didn't rescue me

I sought my god beside my bed
A holy book,
some fragrant tea
I found his words and bowed my head
But he didn't read to me

Just beyond this trackless hill
Lush meadow, stream,
and willow tree
in sunlit calm are waiting 'til
I give up seeking me
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